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Partner, Contribute, Donate

Partner With Us



Game Warden Museum supporters include a number of foundations, corporations and organizations that have generously and creatively committed their resources in partnering with us. 

We are specifically seeking partners in offering unique visitor services and in developing entertaining and educational activities, events and exhibits.

As we are building the museum in phases, we encourage major contributors to consider sponsoring and naming an activity room, observation deck, exhibit or outdoor trail as part of the permanent facility. Meet our Partners.

We’d like to discuss Sponsoring or Partnering with the Game Warden Museum

Contribute to the Museum

We welcome and appreciate contributions in any amount and we protect your right to privacy if you wish to contribute anonymously.

I’d like to contribute to the museum.

Donate Exhibit Materials

The Game Warden Museum is committed to being an essential resource for historic information and significant artifacts for the wildlife protection profession.

To that end, we’re gathering photographs, archival documents and relics for our historic exhibits and files.

We welcome your suggestions and contributions to educational programs as well.

I’d like to know more about what materials are needed.

I have items or ideas that might fit these needs.

 Charitable Status

Your gift is considered a tax-deductible contribution as defined by US and Canadian charitable contribution guidelines.

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NAWEMMEC Canada, Inc.
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Please make checks payable to NAWEMMEC.