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Why a Museum

Intern and Kids close upIn 1988, the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association (NAWEOA) developed the idea of a museum as a way for the profession to honor its fallen officers.

As the public and media became increasingly interested in the work we do, it occurred to us that we had not one, but two missions: not only to honor the profession’s heroes, but to educate the public about them.

The museum building and programs are being created with those two primary goals in mind.


Honoring Fallen Officers

Honoring Fallen Officers

“We believe that by educating the public about natural resource protection, we can help create better conservationists across this continent.”

“By introducing the heroes of our profession, especially those who have given their lives in the line of duty, we can make the matter of natural resource protection real, immediate and personal to our visiting public.”
North American Game Warden Museum Board of Directors.

The Museum represents these two founding mission statements that serve as the fundamental principles of the North American Game Warden Museum.