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A Better Planet

  • better_planet_rotationWith human populations exploding, natural resources are being
    pushed to the limit
  • Our planet is suffering from urban sprawl, from resource exploitation and pollution of all kinds.
  • Ninety percent of the natural wetlands in parts of North America have disappeared.
  • The continent’s critical wildlife habitat is slipping away.
  • Our world is becoming more and more crowded, less and less wild.
About Conservation

Humans share this crisis with countless other species. We alone are the ones that can and must find a solution for all.

shorebirdsIf the flora, fauna and wild places we treasure are to survive for future generations, we must conserve them. And to conserve them,
we must protect them.

Protect them from commercial poachers, black market animal parts trade, from polluted ecosystems, from encroachment, invasive species and habitat exploitation. Even from hunters or anglers who may occasionally over-harvest without realizing the impact.

We believe that conserving natural
resources for tomorrow begins
with protecting them today.

About Conservation Protection
Front line of Conservation

Front line of Conservation

The wildlife conservation profession was born with the recognition that natural resources are exhaustible and must be protected.

Game Wardens have been on the front line of wildlife conservation for centuries – working with or without uniforms, tools, public support or cooperative systems. Long before federal legislation was conceived or enacted, Wildlife Enforcement Officers protected endangered species.

As the lines between wilderness and civilization blur, as species decline and habitat is lost, as the black market for endangered species escalates, as remote places become the new hiding places for criminal elements, the role of Natural Resource protection is becoming even broader and more urgent.