The Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation

The North American Game Warden Museum is excited about the steps that have been taken to ensure its long-term financial growth.

We still have plans to construct Phase two, another 2200 square feet, which we hope to compete in the near future. In order for us to move forward, we need to secure funding so that our operation is not solely dependent on the fund-raising efforts that we currently have in place. That is why, together with The Winnipeg Foundation, we have created the Game Warden Museum Fund.

The North American Game Warden Museum

The Winnipeg Foundation is one of the oldest community foundations in Canada, having been in existence for 90 years. They have an outstanding reputation in serving the needs of many charities.

Contributions towards the Game Warden Museum Fund are made in perpetuity and will continue to provide support to the Museum for many years to come. Donations to the fund grow through sound investment practices by an experienced group of investors.

If you know of an individual or corporation that could be a benefactor to the museum and is looking for a safe way to make a contribution that provides long-term fiscal stability, then this is the venue.

All Donations are Tax Deductible. More information about the Game Warden Museum Fund and The Winnipeg Foundation can be obtained by contacting the Foundation through their web site;

You may also feel free to contact


by calling the Museum
701 263-4829