For more information on any of the events or activities below, please contact the Museum directly at 701-263-4829 or Museum manager at 708-212-0690.


On-Site Events

Visiting Officer Program

The North American Game Warden Museum invites all conservation officers from across North America to participate in the Museum’s Visiting Officer Program. Visiting officers stay at a local hotel and spend their day at the Museum in their agency uniform meeting the public. This is a great opportunity for officers to promote their agency and to share information or stories with visitors to the Museum. Officers are encouraged to bring any displays, power points, handouts or any promotional DVDs they may have. Presentations can be as simple as the standard “who we are and what we do,” or can be more elaborate. Every officer has interesting stories and since every state and province is different, the material is always fresh.         The Museum has had visiting officers from Idaho, Arizona, New York, Utah, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Montana, Manitoba, North Dakota, Washington and USF&W. Typically, officers stay for two to three days over a weekend. We go by many different names: Game Warden, Conservation Officer, Natural Resources Officer, Wildlife Officer, Environmental Police and the list goes on. Whatever your badge says, we are all part of the same brotherhood. That brotherhood is celebrated by the North American Game Warden Museum.

Wardens on Wheels

Open to all Wardens. The annual Wardens on Wheels event was held on August 10, 2019 (The event for 2021 was cancelled due to COVID). Riders from across Canada and the US meet at Metagoshie State Park in North Dakota. The group rides to the Museum to honor Fallen Officers and hold an annual meeting.

As many as forty bikers have participated. Not only is the camaraderie great, but this event also serves as a fundraiser for the Museum.

Off Site Activites:




2024 JULY 13 – 16

The Museum sponsors the 5K Torch Run/Walk at the Conference. The 5K draws hundreds of participants. Medals are awarded and dinner is provided.


We are seeking individuals for employment from May through the beginning of September. Duties include assisting as Museum attendant, meeting visitors, interpreting exhibits in the Museum and the Fallen Officer Memorial, merchandise sales, and some light maintenance indoors and out. Hourly pay rate will be negotiable based on the individual’s commitment to length of employment, experience, and skills.

For details on all Museum events call 701-263-4829 or check out our social media pages.

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